Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Do Different Colours of Roses Mean?

A rose by any colour,  would mean different things
 In our maiden feature of this blog, we will start off with a lighter topic to allow the readers to get acquainted with Essential Culture. Hence, what better issue to talk about than the meanings of the different colours of roses.

While roses are not the only kind of flowers that are bought today, it is without a doubt the most popular of all when it comes to expressing one's feelings. But as all feelings have different shades and intensities, so do the message that the colour of the rose. So here is a brief introduction of the different colours and its meanings:

No prizes for guessing the meaning of the red rose as it has become the universal symbol of romantic love; something that says, 'I Love You'.

Certainly useful in the occurrence of an unbelievable romance in which one has fallen in love at first sight.

This inviting colour of brightness aptly contains a message of friendship.  Therefore, a yellow rose is a great choice to offer congratulations to a friend or perhaps reaffirm one's friendship with another. Under no circumstances, should a gentleman buy one for a lady he intends to woo.

Purity and innocence comes to mind when on receives a white rose. As such, a lovely way to express how one misses the recipient of the rose.

A favourite colour with most ladies. And certainly a great way to compliment them on their gentleness, gracefulness and the joy that they bring into your life. It also sends a message of gratitude to the receiver.

The act of giving flowers is not limited to the intention of courtship. Peach roses bear the connotation of appreciation and gratitude. A simple and the most effective gift for Mother's Day.

Three words besides I love you: 'I want you.' Indeed, coral roses express a sense of desire for the person.

As its cheerful hue suggests, orange roses relay a sense of enthusiasm and desire of the sender. But certainly not in the strong sense of desire as its coral cousin suggests.

~ ~ ~

So there you have it, something to aid the gentlemen in choosing the right colour and for the ladies to decipher the intention of the gentleman bearing roses.

While I firmly believe in the need to abide by proper etiquette which has its traditions steeped in history, I am never opposed to the modern sensibility of ladies buying gents roses. If your man has any inclination towards nature and flowers in particular, I am sure he will certainly appreciate the refreshing change when he receives a bouquet.

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