Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Series of Haikus

Dear readers, my due apologies for the long absence and inactivity of this blog as David and I have gone to college and are bogged down with school work while Edward has work commitments.

However, I have recently found a new love of Haikus. I was so exhilarated by the fact that I could indeed compose some of them that I was kept awake at night writing my feelings down in a series of Haikus.

A Series of Haikus 

Unable to sleep: 
exhilarated by the 
birth of first poem.

Some worrying: three
damn projects to  finish in
the remaining weeks!

Life's experiences
can be encapsulated
in a short Haiku.

My nervousness was
unfounded, when I saw I 
still had it in me. 

I should stop now as 
it is late and people are
fed up with my lines! 

I bid you good night
my dear friends, and thank you for 
indulging in me!

For those who haven't, 
give it a try! Start to write
your life in Haikus. 

~ Isaac

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